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Available from version1.8.0
Value typetext


ID of the desired IBI-aws message group of the user.

The ID of a message group can either be copied from the IBI-aws Admin message group list or read out from the Data.xml.

If you search for the name of the desired message group in the Data.xml, you should find a hit similar to the following:

Extract from the Data.xml
<mobileRemarkGroup id="4325fecc-97b1-4a81-9984-b03ba3018036" name="Beispiel Hinweisgruppe"

The ID of the message group can be found in the id property.



"managedProperty": [
    "key": "remarkgroupId",
    "valueString": "4325fecc-97b1-4a81-9984-b03ba3018036"