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Version 1.24

Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface can be used to create, disable, and resolve messages using the command line.

For further information, please visit Command Line Interface

Multiple additional message data sources and skins

It is now possible to specify any number of additional message data sources and skins.

For more information, see Skin file distribution, AdditionalRemarks and AdditionalSkin.

Version 1.23

Skin per message data source

If the IBI-aws Client obtains messages from an additional data source, a separate skin can be specified for this source.

For further information, please visit Skin file distribution and AdditionalSkin

Dynamic message window

With the new features of the IBI-aws Skin it its possible to resize the message window.

In addition, the initial window size can be adapted to the screen size proportionally. For example, an insertion can take up the full width of the screen.

If you would like to use these new features, please contact us.

WebClient: Table view

Messages in the IBI-aws WebClient can now also be listed in a table view.

Version 1.22

Register mobile devices via code

Registration for mobile devices can now be completed by using a code. It is no longer necessary to enter an e-mail address during registration.

For further information, please visit Codes


Text parts of an IBI-aws message can now be formatted *bold*, _italic_ or/and +underlined+ if desired.

For further information, please visit Formatting

Network Pool: Groups in groups

Groups in the network pool can contain references to other groups.

For further information, please visit Add network group

Version 1.21

Integrated the e-mail delivery into the publication process

Sending e-mails is now integrated into the publication process. With this change it is possible to inform e.g. external application managers, without an additional, manual step.

For more information, please visit Publishing changes and Sending a message as an e-mail

Do not disturb

To avoid interruption by IBI-aws messages in meetings or similar, the Do not disturb function has been added. If this function is enabled in the IBI-aws Client, all messages are converted into silent notes for the selected period.

For more information, please visit Do not disturb

Improved message management

In the IBI-aws Admin it's now possible to copy early warnings and status updates within the same message and across other messages. Furthermore, lists can be filtered now.

Version 1.20

IBI-aws WebClient

The IBI-aws WebClient enables you to display current and future messages in a website. By the IBI-aws Admin integration, no additional step is required to provide the information. Once set up, the IBI-aws Admin will do the rest when publishing.

For more information, please visit IBI-aws WebClient

URL detection: Support for further browsers and expanded functionality

Added support for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. The restriction to the domain part has been canceled, so that individual URLs can be defined as single applications.

For more information, please visit Add web application

Web outoput

WIth the web output, IBI-aws messages can be published in a JavaScript file. This can then be used for further processing in other tools.

For more information, please visit Web output

Restricting messages for mobile clients to domains

With this version, messages can be restricted to individual domains.

For more information, please visit Registration options

Version 1.19


Categories let you address IBI-aws messages for mobile clients more precisely.

For more information, please visit Categories

Publish to a WebDAV path

A message file can be published on a file location or an FTP location. Now it's also possible to publish on a WebDAV location.

For more information, please visit WebDAV location

Execute scripts before and after publishing

If necessary, a script can be executed before and / or after the publication process.

For more information, please visit File location

Version 1.18

Notify mobile clients

With our new app IBI-aws MobileClient it's now possible to notify mobile clients.

For more information, please visit Message group for mobile Clients

Version 1.17

Amount of viewed messages

Determine the amount of users that have viewed a message.

For more information, please visit Amount of viewed messages

Export messages

Export all message group messages into an Excel file.

For more information, please visit Export messages

Obfuscating the message file

Obfuscate the message file to prevent others from reading the content.

For more information, please visit File location or FTP location

Version 1.16

Status updates 

Use the new status updates to keep your users up to date.

For more information, please visit Status updates

Resolve message

Tell all message receivers that e.g. an incident has been resolved using a resolve message.

For more information, please visit Resolve message

Client memory

Messages already shown will no longer be displayed again when the IBI-aws Client will be restarted. The Client will keep his state after restart.

Version 1.15

Directory service attributes: New comparison operators

The new comparison operators allow a better identification of directory service attributes.

For more information, please visit Attribut hinzufügen

Internet Explorer address

This version allows you to display a message to users visiting a certain address using the Internet Explorer.

For more information, please visit Add application

New runtime environment

To take advantage of new .NET Framework features IBI-aws Admin now requires the .NET Framework 4.5 (except Windows XP).

For more information, please take a look at the appropriate update instruction which you can find in Updates

Mandatory profiles

Now, IBI-aws Admin can be used with a mandatory profile.