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The appearance of the displayed messages can be customized. For this the IBI-aws Client needs a skin file.

 A skin file can be deployed in two ways:

  1. Automatic - the skin file must be located in the same directory as the
    1. Main data source
      1. Skin file name:
    2. Additional data sources
      1. For the first data source:
      2. For all data sources:<Data source position>.iacskin
        Data source position> must be replaced by the position of the data source in the start parameter AdditionalRemarks
  2. Start parameter
    1. Main data source: Skin
    2. Additional data source: AdditionalSkin

To apply the skin, running IBI-aws Client instances have to be restarted.

If a skin file cannot be read—for example because the path indicated is not accessible—the default skin is used automatically.

If you are interested in a skin, please contant us.


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