Published on 7th April 2016



  • Amount of viewed messages determination 
  • Export messages to Excel
  • Message file content can be obfuscated as needed
  • UI language can be specified by start-parameter
  • Information is displayed when editing an already published message
  • The selected navigation entry will be restored after restarting the app
  • Link to documentation added
  • Resolve message: Added possibility to specifiy Dispaly duration in hours 


  • Message file signing method
  • Column width restore after restart improved 
  • Resolve message: Default display duration value changed from 5 minutes to 24 hours



  • "Message viewed" information transmission
  • Processing new message files with new signing / obfuscation method


  • Preview: Start and end time were displayed incorrect when message was displayed during daylight saving time change
  • History: File name was generated incorrectly
  • In certain circumstances the word {Time} has been displayed mistakenly when a message from history was displayed
  • Resolve message: Message was not displayed when viewing from the history