What is new?

Simultaneous use of the IBI-aws Admin

A usage request is no longer required to create and edit a message if another person is already using the IBI-aws Admin.

Default template

In order to simplify the creation of messages even more, a default template can now be specified. This allows the default values of a new message to be customized.

For more information, see Message settings

Templates for message for mobile clients

In order to simplify the message for mobile clients creation, templates for these messages can now be created.

For more information, see Template Pool

Content type for categorization and visual distinction of the messages

A content type can be used to categorize a message. In addition, this information can be used to customize the appearance of a message by specifying a design in the skin for the corresponding content type.

For more information, see General

Datetime variables

To avoid having to adjust dates, such as the start time, specified within the message field of a message that comes from a template, date variables can now be specified.

For more information, see Datetime variables

Microsoft Teams connectivity

Messages can now also be sent to Microsoft Teams channels.

For more information, see Teams Pool and Notify external recipients

Simple clean up of IBI-aws MobileClient e-mail registrations

By checking the IBI-aws MobileClients e-mail registrations against a directory service, the registrations of disabled or deleted user accounts can be removed more easily.

For more information, see Clean up devices registerd by e-mail

Countdown and display duration adjustable per message

The countdown of a fullscreen message and the display duration of an insertion could previously be set per message group. Now, these properties can be overridden per message, if required. In addition, this setting is now also available for static message, e.g. to be able to display a static message permanently.

For more information, see Appearance

Enhancement of the command line interface

With the newly added functions, for example, expired messages can be archived automatically if required or the message publishing action can be performed independently of other actions.

For more information, see Command Line Interface

IBI-aws WebClient: Individual grouping options

To be able to group messages more individually, the tags stored in the message or its content type can now be used.

For more information, see groups

Multitenancy improved

The IBI-aws Admin can serve multiple tenants within the same instance, so it is no longer necessary to provide multiple instances for different tenants.

Release notes

For detailed information on the changes to this version, please refer to the current release notes.

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