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If a new version of the IBI-aws Client application is available, it can be updated while in operation if it was started from a central location.

Find update instruction

Please select the IBI-aws version you’re currently using from the following list and add the version you want to upgrade your version with. Some combinations require a particular procedure when updating your installation. The following options will help you to find the appropriate instruction.

Current version
New version

Additional information can be found in the release notes.

Data Compatibility

Over time it can happen that because of new features or changed behavior the updated IBI-aws Client application is no longer able to process an old remark file. For this reason, every remark file has a version number. The IBI-aws Client application checks the version for compatibility during each data synchronization. If an IBI-aws Client application cannot process a remark file because of an incompatible version number, a warning is captured in the error log file. As long as remarks are published with an out-of-date IBI-aws Admin application, they cannot be displayed by the IBI-aws Client application affected.


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