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Available from version1.23.0

/AdditionalSkin <Path to a skin file> <Path to a skin file>


This parameter is required if a skin is to be used for at least one additional data source.

If several additional data sources have been specified, a skin can be specified for each of the specified data sources. The skins, separated by a space, are specified in the same order as the data sources.
If no skin is to be specified for one or more data sources, an empty path ("") can be specified.

The skins for each additional message data source are applied in the following order:

Data source with explicitly specified skin file

Data source with empty skin file ("")
Data source without specified skin file

1Explicitly specified skin path for the data source
Skin file in the application directory
  • For the first data source:
  • For all data sources:<Data source position>.iacskin
2Main data source skin fileMain data source skin file
3Default skin (IBITECH skin)Default skin (IBITECH skin)

This parameter can be omitted under the following circumstances:

  • Only one additional data source was specified and the skin file with the name is located in the same directory as the application
  • Several additional data sources have been specified and all skins are located under the name<Data source position>.iacskin in the same directory as the application.
    In the file name, <Data source position> must be replaced with the position of the data source in the AdditionalRemarks start parameter. Examples are listed below.

For more details on how to deploy skins, see Skin file distribution.

Example /AdditionalSkin ""
In this case there must be a skin file named “” in the application folder.
If an additional message data source has been specified, a skin file called or must be located in the application directory.
If multiple additional message data sources have been specified, the corresponding skin file named<Position>.iacskin must be in the application directory - with three additional message data sources the skin file names would be:, and /AdditionalRemarks "//fileserver/datasource1.ibi" "//fileserver/datasource2.ibi" "//fileserver/datasource3.ibi" "//fileserver/datasource4.ibi"
                   /AdditionalSkin "" "" "" ""
The following skins were given for four data sources:

  • Data source 1 (//fileserver/datasource1.ibi): No skin
  • Data source 2 (//fileserver/datasource2.ibi): Skin named
  • Data source 3 (//fileserver/datasource3.ibi): No skin
  • Data source 4 (//fileserver/datasource4.ibi): Skin named