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Available from version1.9.0
Usage/AdditionalRemarks <Path/URL for remark file> <Path/URL for remark file>


This parameter is needed if at least one additional remark data source is used. The path can also be specified as an HTTP/HTTPS URL, as with the main remark data source.

If several additional remark data sources should be used, they are separated by a blank character. A corresponding example is listed below.

Example "\\fileserver\hauptstandort.ibi" /AdditionalRemarks "\\fileserver\filialeX.ibi"
Main data source and additional data source. "\\fileserver\hauptstandort.ibi" /AdditionalRemarks ""
Main data source with file path and additional data source with URL path. "\\fileserver\hauptstandort.ibi" /AdditionalRemarks """ "//fileserver/filialeZ.ibi"
Main data source with file path and three additional data sources, two with URL paths and one with file path.