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What is new?

Mobile Clients: New category properties and enhanced management capabilities

Create categories that are only for specific people and assign them to specific devices.  

For further information, please visit Subscriptions

Application detection extended by version number and path

An application-specific message can be restricted to a very specific instance of the application by optionally specifying a version number and/or path, so that an even more precise user notification can take place.

For further information, please visit Add application

Encryption of the message file for mobile clients

The previous obfuscation is replaced by an encryption that can only be decrypted by the IBI-aws MobileClients belonging to the corresponding message group.

URL detection support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

URL detection, already available for other browsers, is now available for the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser.

For further information, please visit Add web application

Release notes

For detailed information on the changes to this version, please refer to the current release notes.


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