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What is new?

Impact measurement even more granular

The previous "Amount of viewed messages" function is now called "Impact" and allows an even more granular count, if required. In addition to the previous "Viewed" amount, it is now also possible to see how many people are affected by a message or have been displayed the message. Furthermore, the determination of these values has been extended to early warnings, status updates and the resolve message.

For further information, please visit Impact

Directory service objects favorites

Mark directory service objects as favorites to have them directly at hand without searching.

The recognition of certain favorites can be further improved by setting their own name and notice.

For further information, please visit Directory Service Browser

Select existing text

The new "Select existing text" function can be used to select texts from other messages or templates. So even multilingual texts can be added to a message in just one step.

Restore removed messages

If messages are removed, they are first moved to the "Removed" section. From there, the messages can either be restored or permanently removed.

Release notes

For detailed information on the changes to this version, please refer to the current release notes.


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