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The following illustration gives and overview of the recommended folder structure and the recommended authorizations for the IBI-aws folders on a central shared folder which all IBI-aws users can access.


IBI-aws is distributed as a Zip-Archive which contains a "Ready to use" folder structure. The contents must be unpacked in a user-defined place (<Installation Location>). The best place is a Shared folder on a central server to which all the clients in your network have access.

The UNC-path of the <Installation Location> could look like this, for example:


Please observe the information about Windows security


The following permissions should be set in the subfolder of the <Installation Location>:


(and all subfolders)

Read- and Write-Permissions for all users who may create IBI-aws remarks.

(and all subfolders)

Read- and Execution-Permission for all users who should be receive IBI-aws remarks.


If problems occur that should be logged by the IBI-aws Client, all users that receive the IBI-aws remarks should get Write-Permission in this subfolder.

Installation Client Computer 

There is no installation in the traditional sense on the Clients machine. Merely the execution of must be completed.

This can be conducted through a Login Script, through a Group Policy, or an Autostart Group. The IBI-aws Client-Application does not need a .NET Framework or a Java Virtual Machine is found in the following folder:
<Installation Location>\Client\

In addition, a remark file, a skin file or a shortcut an be provided. For certain purposes it is possible to specify the behaviour of the IBI-aws Client by adding start parameters.

Installation Admin Computer

The remarks that should be shown to the clients and all other functions of IBI-aws can be managed and configured with the IBI-aws Admin. The appropriated .NET Framework (more information can be found in the System requirements) must be installed on the computer so that the IBI-aws Admin can be started.

The application is started with It is found in the following folder:
<Installation Location>\Admin\

All contents which are deposited in the IBI-aws Admin (messages, applications, settings, etc.) are stored in the "Data.xml" file. Per default this file is located in the same directory as the

All admin users must work with the same Data.xml.

If the is not started from a central share the path to the central Data.xml can be specified in the (Key: Data_XmlFileLocation).


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