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With this version, Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. We are sorry for the inconvenience and refer to the Microsoft end of support for the mentioned operating systems.

What is new?

IBI-aws WebClient

The IBI-aws WebClient enables you to display current and future messages in a website. By the IBI-aws Admin integration, no additional step is required to provide the information. Once set up, the IBI-aws Admin will do the rest when publishing.

For more information, please visit IBI-aws WebClient

URL detection: Support for further browsers and expanded functionality

Added support for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. The restriction to the domain part has been canceled, so that individual URLs can be defined as single applications.

For more information, please visit Add web application

Web outoput

WIth the web output, IBI-aws messages can be published in a JavaScript file. This can then be used for further processing in other tools.

For more information, please visit Web output

Restricting messages for mobile clients to domains

With this version, messages can be restricted to individual domains.

For more information, please visit Domains

Release notes

For detailed information on the changes to this version, please refer to the current release notes.


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You can download the latest IBI-aws version here: